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We are bringing you a unique metaverse experience with Celebrity Concerts and A-Lister's Islands! Plus, our P2E games are sure to entertain as you battle with your friends and compete in ultimate tournaments! Share all the action from our Ecosystem online to earn even more $MSGO!

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About Us

MetaSetGO is creating a suite of utilities that operate on the Binance Smart Chain. The primary goal behind the creation of MetaSetGO is to Change The Game. We aspire to create fundamental value for our investors by creating a fun and exciting Web3 experience.

The MetaSetGO ecosystem is designed so that all utilities are interoperable. Included in the ecosystem will be our Play2Earn games, Metaverse, NFT Marketplace, Social DApp and eventually our Insurance backed LaunchPad.

Beyond the fun and excitement, we want all users that interact with our utilities to know they are in a safe environment. The team at MetaSetGO is focused on exceeding investor expectations by providing an honest, transparent and secure environment that everyone can enjoy. Our team is comprised of members with over 25 years of cumulative experience in the crypto space. We are focused on building strategic utilities that have competitive advantages over the current marketplace. The team has diverse backgrounds ranging from the film industry, social media managment, graphics design to crypto administration. We have joined forces to create solutions that will stand the test of time and provide exceptional enjoyment and purpose.

MetaSetGO was born from the idea that players should be rewarded for their skills and the time they spend mastering their craft. Having said that, our games are designed so that beginners can compete and win! We aim to create experiences that are enjoyable, memorable and secure.

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RumbleGO - the first in a suite of Play2Earn games - will include unique characters that you can own in the form of NFT's and use to compete against other real players. Special characters will be available in our own NFT Marketplace and will provide multiple benefits within the games. Some special characters will provide further benefits to the owner within the games, including special powers and winner payout bonuses.
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MetaSetGO's Metaverse will be the hub for all social and gaming activity. Our unique Island concept will provide the opportunity to take customization and accommodation to the next level! Creating spaces that can serve as a private space one day and public the next, with NFT tickets into the owners reality, as they envision it!
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NFT Marketplace

The first stage of our Marketplace will be to enable investors to purchase NFT's for our P2E games. Our first game to be released, RumbleGO, will have multiple collections and characters that players can purchase for use in game.

The second stage of our Marketplace will be to open it up to all users, allowing them to mint, sell, buy and even rent NFT's.

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Social DApp

Combining DeFi and NFT's into a Crypto Socialverse. Our Social DApp will allow for games and metaverse experiences to be shared around the world with our Share2Earn functionality. Creators will be able to share their gaming and metaverse experiences via video posts, lives and stories. Users will be able to claim $MSGO based on how many views they receive for their content. $MSGO can then be used to purchase NFT's and gain access to our unique LevelUp system.

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Operational Oversight
7 Years in Crypto
Multi-million Crypto project administration




Celebrity Relations
6 Years in Crypto
Film Maker




Business Strategy
3 Years in Crypto
Business Consulting


Still have questions?

Q1. Where can I purchase $MSGO?

$MSGO can be purchased at Pancake Swap here.

Q2. How do I check my $BUSD rewards?

Using our Dashboard you can view your $MSGO balance, $BUSD received balance and any pending $BUSD rewards.

Q3. How and when are $BUSD reflections paid?

2% of every buy and 3% of every sell will be redistributed back to our holders. Once a certain threshold has been reached, the contract will perform a sell and distribute the rewards.

Q4. What are the plans to list on CEX's?

Other than our current CEX listing, there are no current plans to list on any further CEX's. We strongly believe this has little to no benefit for any token adopting Tokenomics. Any volume taken on a CEX isn't eligible for rewards as CEX's are unable to incorporate Tokenomics. We are happy to explain this further if you have any questions!

Q5. What is MetaSetGO's mission?

To CHANGE THE GAME! You may have seen this alot, but we mean it! We are developing a suite of utilities that people can use every day, have fun whilst doing so and provide real value to holders via rewards and profit redistribution.

Q6. Where can I find MetaSetGO on Social Media?