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Wen Retirement Calculator

We have created this Volume Calculator to answer all of those WEN questions!

It is very simply to use:

  • 1) Input the amount of $MSGO tokens you hold, or enter your goal amount to see what you COULD be earning!
  • 2) Enter a Daily Volume amount
  • 3) Enter the Circulating Supply. The current Circulating Supply (eligible for rewards) is 33,866,680 but you're welcome to change this figure!
  • 4) Click Calculate Rewards to view the estimated Daily, Monthly and Yearly $BUSD Rewards

Please Note: The figures produced in this calculator should only be used as an estimate.

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Dashboard FAQ

Q1. How do I earn $BUSD rewards?

Purchase and hold $MSGO! Rewards are distributed based on the amount of tokens held and the daily volume. $MSGO can be purchased at Pancake Swap here.

Q2. How do I see rewards in my wallet?

In order to see your $BUSD rewards in your Wallet, be sure to add the BEP-20 contract address which you can find here.

Q3. How and when are $BUSD reflections paid?

2% of every buy and 3% of every sell will be redistributed back to our holders. Once a certain threshold has been reached, the contract will perform a sell and distribute the rewards to all holders.

Q4. What are Pending Rewards?

Pending rewards is the amount of $BUSD that you have accumulated, that has not yet been sent to your wallet. This will be sent automatically once the threshold has been reached.

Q5. How much $MSGO do I need to hold to earn rewards?

10,000 $MSGO is the minimum amount to hold in order to receive rewards. However, the amount of rewards that are received will be based on the amount you hold. The more $MSGO you hold, the more $BUSD you earn!

Q6. Why haven't I received rewards recently?

As rewards are based on volume, you may notice you are receiving rewards less frequently if volume is lower than usual. This is expected and normal behaviour from the Smart Contract. You will still be accumulating rewards during this time, and you can check your Pending Rewards at any time using our Dashboard.