NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will support MetaSetGO's ecosystem of Play2Earn games, the Metaverse and the Social Dapp.

With our first game RumbleGO, you'll be able to purchase NFTs to transform into one-of-a-kind characters and gain access to special contests and prize bonuses.

In the metaverse, NFTs are passes to all the excitement and other goodies we have to offer. Our NFTs are being designed to provide a much grander purpose than just looking great. For us, the NFT can be your access to a favourite Artist, or represent merchandise from your beloved celebrity, delivered right to your front door.

In our social dapp, NFTs will grant extended recording capabilities, so you can share more of your experiences with the masses. Whether you're beating the competition in RumbleGO, or rocking to your favorite artist in the metaverse - you can share it all.

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NFTs can certainly be seen as beautiful digital art, but we’re focused on adding perceived and real value behind your purchase. The team at MetaSetGO wants you to connect to an experience and get something tangible from your investment. This is all part of our quest to